Various types of home security alarm systems

alarm secureSecurity alarms provide an integrated security when all other preventive methods fail during an unexpected break-in when away from home or at midnight asleep. There includes basically three types of home security alarm systems which includes: hardwired, self contained and security alarms. These three types have multiple options of having microwave detectors, sensors and ultrasonic devices and many more.

A brief overview of various types of home security alarms systems are:

  • Wireless security alarms- Wireless alarms have reasonable costs, easy to install as it does not require rewiring of house and need not require any enrollment with Alarm Company whom you need to pay monthly charges. The extra benefits of these types of alarms are that they work in the environment even when internet, electricity and phones are down. They are mainly equipped with remote controls, a main control block, and alert system and at least with motion detector and other accessories. When it gets activated the main unit will call a police or emergency contact number.
  • Self contained- It is well known as simplest form of security which lacks a central controlling unit but when activated still produces alarm. It is also easy to install, a self contained system with wireless security alarms with a two piece device that holds the magnets together. The self contained alarm produces sounds on breakage of magnetic contact. These alarms are placed on doors and windows and are powered through batteries. It comes with a chime feature which let you know when anybody enters a doorway.


  • Hardwired- these are the types of alarm which are advertised mostly by company commercials such as ADT. They specially require professional installations as the motion detector devices and main unit communicate with one another via phone wires. The striking advantage of these types of alarm is that it is capable of alerting the alarm company monitor when activated. It comes up with the drawbacks including inconvenient installation and monthly controlling fees.


Along with these basic types, other security alarms are there to secure home and family which includes motion sensors which are placed around mail chimes and property to keep you always alert if anybody is tampering with your mails. Other alarms include medical alert alarm, fire and driveway alarms for security and safety.


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