Wireless alarm system-a milestone in home security

Wireless securityConceived with the idea to prevent unauthorized  access into buildings, home security alarm systems today stand  first  in the  queue  of modern  inventions that ensures a sense of security to the 21st century man.They are also referred to as the  intrusion detection system ,security alarms,alarm systems etc and provide protection against property damage  and  burglary.A recognized  name in the field of  reliable home security system presently  is the Swann Wireless Home Alarm System  that comes just at a price of $99.99.

It consists of a single Alarm Control Unit,2  units each of Keypad remote Control ,PIR Motion Sensors,sensors for Door/Window Protection ,a single unit of Anti-Intrusion Alarm,8 units of Theft Deterrent Sticker  and operating instructions to aid users.Being equipped with gadgets needed for complete DIY alarm system,all the user has to do is to connect Anti-Intrusion  siren with Keyboard Control Panel  through the connect to power and cable .The final step involves placing of PIR motion and window sensors that are wireless battery  powered  to ensure security.The Swann Alarm system has 2 remote controls  exclusively for disarming and arming alarm else the user can enter his password in the control unit keypad  keeping it in mind that the 30 sec. delay in arming will allow him to enter and exit without activating the alarm.Unwanted intrusion into a house equipped with Swann system results in  emission of very high 110dB+ sound intensity levels.

Moving to the exact specification of the Swann security system,its alarm control unit requires 9V DC supply , frequency of 433 MHz and temperature range of  40 degree C to -10 degree C.The remote control unit needs 12V DC supply with zero power consumption both while working and in standby condition.Its transmission frequency is 433 MHz upto a range of 80 m line of sight.The PIR motion sensors have a detection range of 5mt.  and power consumption of 0.1mA in standby. The Door/Window Protection Center  requires 6 V DC at frequency range of 433 MHz.

With the 8 Window sticker recognition,it  stands in prominence due to its sensitivity,easy and cheap installation with a zero chance of  false alarm.Having received excellent reviews  due to its working,it  is expected to come up with more robust features to ensure greater home security features in the future.



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