Wireless alarm system-a milestone in home security

Wireless securityConceived with the idea to prevent unauthorized  access into buildings, home security alarm systems today stand  first  in the  queue  of modern  inventions that ensures a sense of security to the 21st century man.They are also referred to as the  intrusion detection system ,security alarms,alarm systems etc and provide protection against property damage  and  burglary.A recognized  name in the field of  reliable home security system pricing  presently  is the Swann Wireless Home Alarm System  that comes just at a price of $99.99.

It consists of a single Alarm Control Unit,2  units each of Keypad remote Control ,PIR Motion Sensors,sensors for Door/Window Protection ,a single unit of Anti-Intrusion Alarm,8 units of Theft Deterrent Sticker  and operating instructions to aid users.Being equipped with gadgets needed for complete DIY alarm system,all the user has to do is to connect Anti-Intrusion  siren with Keyboard Control Panel  through the connect to power and cable .The final step involves placing of PIR motion and window sensors that are wireless battery  powered  to ensure security.The Swann Alarm system has 2 remote controls  exclusively for disarming and arming alarm else the user can enter his password in the control unit keypad  keeping it in mind that the 30 sec. delay in arming will allow him to enter and exit without activating the alarm.Unwanted intrusion into a house equipped with Swann system results in  emission of very high 110dB+ sound intensity levels.

Moving to the exact specification of the Swann security system,its alarm control unit requires 9V DC supply , frequency of 433 MHz and temperature range of  40 degree C to -10 degree C.The remote control unit needs 12V DC supply with zero power consumption both while working and in standby condition.Its transmission frequency is 433 MHz upto a range of 80 m line of sight.The PIR motion sensors have a detection range of 5mt.  and power consumption of 0.1mA in standby. The Door/Window Protection Center  requires 6 V DC at frequency range of 433 MHz.

With the 8 Window sticker recognition,it  stands in prominence due to its sensitivity,easy and cheap installation with a zero chance of  false alarm.Having received excellent reviews  due to its working,it  is expected to come up with more robust features to ensure greater home security features in the future.



Wireless security alarms befitting your needs

Wireless alarm securityIn the past decade, wireless security systems have emerged to become increasingly popular due to their easy affordability and easiness of use. As the number of break ins in homes are getting higher and higher, residents have been continuously seeking for ways to look over and monitor their property against burglars. The usage of double and triple locks is no longer prevalent as they can not provide a full proof guarantee. Thus customers have started investing in products that can suitably do the job of safeguarding their homes on their absence. With the extensive range of home security alarm systems available in market, securing your property is no more a headache. Most of the basic alarm systems are free from wiring complexities during set up, are generally battery operated and they don’t even require a professional installation.

These battery operated devices work through transmission of signals to its control pad. Here the only cable that you can expect goes through the system’s base into the electrical outlet. In case a power outage occurs, these alarm systems have provisions for battery back up. Those devices that do not make use of a single cable generally work through motion detectors and sensors. The moment an intrusion occurs, a signal gets triggered. The control panel is connected with all equipments by mans of programmable RF signals. Most of the owners also prefer adjusting the alarm sound for making sure that it deters the burglars.

With the advent of modern technologies, controlling and monitoring can be incorporated within a hand held device through mobile connectivity options. Options for part time and full time arming services are also available that are connected to security equipments during emergency cases. DIY kits that include sensors and basic detectors are also available for customers who are going through a through a tight budget. Such products may be purchased according to size, design, affordability and features suiting your monitoring needs. Most of the devices are also connected to surveillance cameras that keep on monitoring 24 hours a day. Consumers must assess the limitations and advantages of such devices by comparing with different equipments and then get hold of the perfect one suiting their needs.

What home security systems are all about

Security home alarmBurglary or stealing is one amongst many occurrences which happen almost every other day. When the burglars decide to enter or break into our house, we are left quite defenseless. In any case, if you want to be secured, one has to employ the use and services of the popular home security alarm system. The house alarm can enhance the security of our homes. Once we install the best home security alarm system, we not only safeguard and maintain safety of our property and our own family but we also heighten any possible chance of obtaining lesser home insurance expenses.

The window or the house decals and also the yard signs can help in advertising the protection of our homes. This does not fully give the protection required for our homes but at least we can have something that we can rely on. There are certain home security alarm devices that employ components like that of the remote or key fobs so that we are able to control this system even when we are at a distance from home. The key fobs usually involve the buttons that are used to generally activate and also deactivate the home security based alarm system. Most designs even include the panic buttons through which the designated agencies can be notified at once. The talking design home security alarm devices feature the master set control panels that have the capability to talk. Other such components included are the remotes as well as the key pads.

Smoke detectors are normally an integral part of the usual home security alarm devices or systems. Not only do these smoke detector alarm systems notify us when the fire breaks out as soon as it does but they also readily contact the fire department. The wireless end home security devices are installed in quite a hassle free manner because here no wires are required. They have sensors equipped inside these wireless home security based alarm systems that communicate to the master set control panel via the radio frequencies. Therefore, no burglar is able to snip these wires in order to disarm it.

Various types of home security alarm systems

alarm secureSecurity alarms provide an integrated security when all other preventive methods fail during an unexpected break-in when away from home or at midnight asleep. There includes basically three types of home security alarm systems which includes: hardwired, self contained and security alarms. These three types have multiple options of having microwave detectors, sensors and ultrasonic devices and many more.

A brief overview of various types of home security alarms systems are:

  • Wireless security alarms- Wireless alarms have reasonable costs, easy to install as it does not require rewiring of house and need not require any enrollment with Alarm Company whom you need to pay monthly charges. The extra benefits of these types of alarms are that they work in the environment even when internet, electricity and phones are down. They are mainly equipped with remote controls, a main control block, and alert system and at least with motion detector and other accessories. When it gets activated the main unit will call a police or emergency contact number.
  • Self contained- It is well known as simplest form of security which lacks a central controlling unit but when activated still produces alarm. It is also easy to install, a self contained system with wireless security alarms with a two piece device that holds the magnets together. The self contained alarm produces sounds on breakage of magnetic contact. These alarms are placed on doors and windows and are powered through batteries. It comes with a chime feature which let you know when anybody enters a doorway.


  • Hardwired- these are the types of alarm which are advertised mostly by company commercials such as ADT. They specially require professional installations as the motion detector devices and main unit communicate with one another via phone wires. The striking advantage of these types of alarm is that it is capable of alerting the alarm company monitor when activated. It comes up with the drawbacks including inconvenient installation and monthly controlling fees.


Along with these basic types, other security alarms are there to secure home and family which includes motion sensors which are placed around mail chimes and property to keep you always alert if anybody is tampering with your mails. Other alarms include medical alert alarm, fire and driveway alarms for security and safety.


Steps to install a home security alarm system

Steps security alarm systemHome security alarm systems are installed in homes in order to keep eyes and ears on home when family members are asleep at mid-night or away from their homes. To install a home alarm system one need not mind to get sweaty and dirty. The greatest part of the task lies in stringing all the wires of the cable so as to allow the whole system to communicate with one another.

Here are some tips and tricks below in order to install a complete home alarm system for security:

  • First and foremost work is to install a main control board, which handles all signals from sensors, cameras, lights of home security system and transmit it to the security company. Therefore, it requires a telephone and power.
  • Placing the sensors on all entrance doors and be sure that when the door opens, all the magnetic switches and other sensors are separated and the signal cable is run back to control board.
  • A window sensor is installed so as to trigger an alarm when window opens. Again run signal cable is run into the main board.
  • A glass break alarm is positioned so as to provide secondary alarms, and again run the cable back to the main board.
  • A remote control panel is placed beside the prime entry point. It allows one to disarm and arm the alarm system when one leave or enter a room. And run the cable back to main board.
  • Testing of remote control door, panel and window sensor and glass break alarms with the main board of control. A pass code is set to arm or disarm the security system.

Besides the installation steps the necessary tips which one needs to maintain are:

  • It is advisable to call for a professional electrician while installing the main board. And one need to turnoff the exact circuit before power is being hooked.
  • One need to be careful while installing electronic parts, wiring and al may call for a professional.
  • One can also go for a professional installation from security alarm companies itself.



Secure your dwellings and remain stress free

Secure your dwellingsWith the widespread use of sophisticated gadgets and technology, there has a significant improvement and rise in human life characteristics in numerous aspects. Modern technology has been successful in making lives much safer and innocuous. The advent of electronic alarms has made homes less exposed and susceptible to burglary. Home security alarm systems have become quite popular and famous these days because of their relatively low cost and high efficiency. The alarm systems available out there in the marketplace are of assorted varieties. There are some that can be operated without bearing any sophisticated knowledge but others have to be mounted and made operational by the company staffs. Choosing an alarm system is greatly dependent on the specified needs of a specific household and lifestyle therein.

Most of the home security alarm systems embrace three fundamental parts namely an alarm, a sensor for tracking illegal intrusion and a control for triggering the alarm to ring out in the course of a disturbance. Normally alarm systems run on battery power supply, where as most of them also use electricity as the primary power source. Those that are battery operated have the installation process quite easier although they have the disadvantage of being less effective as compared with their electrical counterparts.

Another basis of differentiating alarm systems might be on self containing systems and separate components systems. In self contained home security systems, the alarm, sensor and control are embedded in a single unit for appropriate use in small offices, apartments and houses that contain fewer windows and doors. These reasonably priced units are known for their easy installation procedure. Home security systems that are based on separate components have the sensor unit separated from the alarm and the control. Generally they are designed to function effectively in bigger homes and offices where multiple rooms require protection simultaneously.

Such systems are generally worthy for delivering great peace of mind. The feeling that your house is being monitored 24/7 can be quite comforting. But the downside to this device is when you move out from your home, the device has to stay behind because it is not entirely portable.

Owing alarm systems; a basic necessity in today’s world

Owing alarm systemsHome security and safety is a matter of huge concern these days for numerous house owners irrespective of where they dwell. Kidnappings, vandalism and home invasions are no more exclusive to big cities even and there is the ever growing increase in elder emergencies too. But today, various home security systems from top brands give you the peace of mind no matter how distantly located you are. Let us closely analyze some of those systems.

Elmo Security- Complete systems with CCTV cameras compatible with numerous existing home systems are offered by this brand. It includes analog and digital CCD camera devices along with large and small screen monitors and time lapse recorders.

Firstline- Provides maintenance and monitoring added with systems integration, installation services and GPS tracking facilities.

GE- this home security system includes a wide range of various devices and components that are suited according to the budgets of different classes of home owners. Window and door sensor kits are also equipped in these devices so that you can build up your personalized systems.

Sentry- This brand provides burglar alarm, gas detection, local monitoring, temperature, furnace failure, CO detection, smoke detection, water level monitoring and other services for business and home applications.

The alarm systems available out there in the marketplace are of assorted varieties. There are some that can be operated without bearing any sophisticated knowledge but others have to be mounted and made operational by the company staffs. Choosing an alarm system is greatly dependent on the specified needs of a specific household and lifestyle therein. Even though one installs a web camera or security camera operation and decides as to subscribing an ongoing monitoring device, possessing a keypad system and a speed dial button is essential wherever possible. Most of the designs now include the panic buttons through which the designated agencies can be notified at once. The talking design home security alarm devices feature the master set control panels that have the capability to talk. Other such components included are the remotes. Therefore for protecting yourselves and your belongings, installing home security alarm systems are the best viable options for monitoring your home from other remote locations.


Home security:21st century’s man prime demand

Home securityIncreased number of stories concerning  the number of children kidnapped from home, rising cases of house invasions and burglaries etc  broadcasted  over television  has brought the security  issues into limelight  for household folks.On account of such conditions  families have exhibited tremendous desire  to  safeguard themselves,their families and property as well from intruders.It is at this point of time that the home security alarm systems have come into action to protect families and their belongings and allowing them to have long peaceful sleep.Home security systems  provide defense not only against theft ,but also against accidents like fire  and emergencies related to medical cases and many more.

Moving on to the types of security systems ,it is of two types wired and wireless.Wired systems are expensive owing to the cost involved in cabling  while the wireless systems  are cheaper  due to no cabling expenses. Today wireless security systems being used extensively,we take it up extensively .Its  famous features are fire,medical and burglary alarms and monitoring.Some other alarms associated are gas ,smoke,flood ,earthquake and emergency warnings.The various features  included in the security systems are the hand –held  transmitters  ,integral keypad,alarm types choices ,event logs ,fixed frequency receivers etc.The reasons  why wireless security systems are being extensively used are their easy installation ,ability to connect to the fire department in case of any accidental fire breakouts.If one wishes to avail this facility with other systems ,it would lead to increased price .Thus at cheaper price wireless security systems can be connected to electrical appliances and lights in houses.Using  wireless systems ,one can turn appliances and lights off and on randomly at random time instants so as to confuse the burglars  to make them  think that a house is presently being used by residents while residents  may be away from home ,thus avoiding burglary.

For the proper working of wireless alarm systems,many sensors that are wireless are placed in the house.Windows and doors have burglary sensors attached to them such that with alarm engaged and  door/window opened,main device receives signal from the wireless sensors.Finally the device  generates siren .When building catches fire,smoke detector senses it and notifies the fire department.Some of leading security systems are Visonic,Norco,Wisdom Wireless etc.




GSM Wireless home burglar alarm system

 Wireless alarm systemMoving through the various stages of human evolution,self security has always been the prime focus of human being  since ages.As one is aware of ,there was a time when human relied on security officers for  security  ,but humans  being prone to errors  along with the reliability of the  modern technological  improvement  paved the way for  human’s dependency on  modern  electronic gadget.One such technological invention that has made a breakthrough  in  home security alarm systems  is the GSM Wireless Home Burglar Alarm system.

The  outstanding features of this  alarm system are its ready to arm feature,Low Voltage Battery Remind,Window/Door Chime,Alive Checking , step by  step English voice menu, robust multi password protection of User  and Adminstration protection ,auto switch facility between GSM and PSTN  Dual network  in a case when no one is available and  SMS remote control and SMS alert control.This package consists of a GSM and  PSTN Alarm  Dual Network Control Panel,a wireless Remote control, wireless Window/Door contact ,Wireless Panic Button,Wireless Smoke Detector,Flashing wireless siren of 120 dB Power plug ,user manual and LCD Doorway keypad .

Some unique features of  the GSM Alarm system are the smart sensor feature that can be programmed indivisually with zone types different.The various zones are Burglar zone type,Doorbell  zone type,gas zone type ,delay zone type  and perimeter zone type.Its other feature is the ‘ready to arm’ feature that alerts the user  with a voice  or number on  LCD in case he leaves the window/door open while arming the  system.The Door Chime feature  is that feature which can be programmed with window and door sensors.

Moving to the hardware parts,the control panel  supports 8 wired and 32 wireless zones,unlimited wireless sirens and  8 remote controllers.It has a keypad that is background lighted and built with 120 dB siren and auto dialer.Keychain remote controller  arms and disarms a system in case of entry and exit from home.Door/window contact  works with ready to arm characteristic that has 2 way signal.They are magnetic switches with built in panic and anti-tamper switch.The smoke detector is activated in case of smoke  while the gas leakage detector is activated in case of gas detection.The wireless panic button is used in case of medical emergency.

Owing to the superb technology used in the alarm system ,the GSM Wireless Home Burglar Alarm system  has gained wide recognition today.



Give high end security to your homes

Security to your homesWith the large scale use of technology as well as sophisticated gadgets coming around in the markets marked improvements have been observed in the characteristic features of human life for various respects. Modern high end technology has also been able to make people’s lives much effectively safer. Electronic alarm systems have helped the people to allow their homes to be less vulnerable towards burglary. Home security alarm systems have been found to be very important because of their high efficiency and quite low price.

The alarm systems usually available throughout market are of various assorted kinds. Some certain types of high technology alarm systems and devices can be made to be operational without the use of any specialized knowledge. Whereas, there are certain other devices that require being properly installed and are supposed to be made functional only by the help of alarm company service personnel. The inherent choice of the home security alarm system highly depends on the various specific needs for a particular household as well as the lifestyle that is led by the particular family.

All the home security alarm devices consist of basically three fundamental parts or units: the alarm, its sensor which keeps track of various illegal intrusions and finally the control which triggers the alarm that makes it sound in the case of any disturbance caused due to an intruder. The home security based alarm systems can operate on power which is supplied by any battery or can even function with the aid of electricity given via power source. The alarm systems which run on batteries are able to be installed without a lot of trouble but are mostly considered to be less effective than the electrical counterparts. The home security based alarm systems can further also be classified into the self-contained alarm units and also alarm systems having separate components. The self-contained units or alarm systems usually keep the alarm, and control, and the sensor inside a single unit. These are appropriate for operation in small houses, or offices, or even in apartments, which normally have a small number of openings or doors and windows.